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Rojunai Airfield - EYRO

Rojūnai airfield - place of ecological tourism in Panevėžys district
Rojūnai airfield was founded in 2005, and situated 16km to south-west from Panevezys city, with 800 m long and 60 m wide grass landing strip suitable for use for aircraft with the maximum weight of 5700 kg.
Rojūnai are located in the middle of Lithuania only 100 km from Kaunas International Airport, 150 km from Vilnius International Airport, or 150 km from Riga (Latvia) International Airport.
Rojūnai airfield is the part of a complex of the ecological rural tourism, in the picturesque surroundings.

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Here were organized variuos aviation events - Lithuanian Aerobatic championships, International aerobatic CUP competition, Aviation festivals and airshows "The Birdman". Read more >> 
But the bigest our challenge - 2nd FAI Yak-52 World Aerobatic Championship was organized in Rojūnai airfield, by Public Institution "Žmogus paukštis" (The Birdman). A pilot training school is working at the airfield. This school specialize in training of autogyros pilots from various countries. We train in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.
Rojunai airfield Panevezys Malunsparniu pilotu mokykla Rojunu aerodrome 

The surroundings and the services in Rojūnai are also very suitable not only for pilots, but also for those living in a big city and willing to relax.
The tourism complex is being created using an area of nearly 65 ha, among which there are 2 ha of forest and 2 km of riverside. We are able to accommodate up to 100 people.


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