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Calavon Pro

Cavlon PRO


The CavalonPRO is the certified advancement of our side-by-side model. Supplied with special equipment that realized applications in commercial projects, the PRO is a milestone in the AutoGyro product portfolio.


Technical details:

L x W x H:  4,6 m x 1,9 m x 2,8 m 
Empty weight:  310 kg
 MTOW:  560 kg
 Engine:  Rotax 914
 Cruise speed:  130 km/h
 Max speed:  165 km/h
 Fuel Capacity:  100 L
 Range:  4,5 flight hours
 Rotor diameter:  8,4 m
 Compliant with:  Section T


 AutoGyro 6Seiter CAVPRO+DP Ansicht [1,1 MB]

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