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Lithuanian team with gold and silver medals from Aerobatic Championship was welcomed in Vilnius, December 2014
  Lietuvos akrobatinio skraidymo rinktinė iš Pasaulio čempionato PAR parvežė auksą ir sidabrą

Lithuanian aerobatic team in FAI Intermediate and Yak-52 aerobatic Championships,Mossel Bay, South Africa 

Lithuania from the bird flight III, 2014
Malūnsparnių pilotų mokykla Žmogus paukštis Malūnsparnis Calidus Skrydis malūnsparniu

Lithuania from the bird flight II, 2014

Lithuania from the bird flight I, 2014

New autogyros Calidus & MTOsport in Lithuania, May 2014
Autogyro flight training center

Autogyro instructor"s safety courses in Moskow, February 2014
Malunsparniu instruktoriu kursai Malunsparniai Maskvoje
Auto-Gyro Partners from Russia, Lithuania and Latvia have shared experience in Auto-Gyro Instructor’s Flight Safety Course held in “AutoGyro Russland” aviacenter - Voskresensk Airfield  from 21st to 23rdFebruary. Theoretical lecture and flight training methods were given by Aurimas Bezaras (Chief flight instructor, Flight school “The Birdman”). Improvement of autogyro pilot’s training syllabus and methods will follow shortly after this safety course. We thank Mr. Ruslan Ustinov for organization of this great event.

ADVENTUR 2014 - International tourism, leisure and sports exhibition, 24th -26th January 2014
Malunsparniu pilotu mokykla Atrask Lietuvą iš paukščio skrydžio Adventur 2014
From January 24th to 26th, the international tourism, leisure and sports exhibition ADVENTUR took place in Vilnius. It is a remarkable and cheerful holiday scenario, a three-day event, where everything will be dedicated to travelling, new experiences and joy of discoveries. AutoGyro "Calidus" and A.Repsys photo exhibition "Discover Lithuania from the bird flight" was represented at the trade show by Public Institution "The Birdman". 

Airshow at Birzai airfield, 3rd August 2013
Malūnsparnių pilotai Aviacijos šventė Biržuose Malūnsparniai Lietuvoje

Airshow - Darius and Girėnas airfield, 20th July 2013
Lituanica Aleksoto aerodrome Malunsparnis Aleksote Su-26 Aviacijos šventėje     

"The Birdman" meeting at Rojunai airfield, 1st June 2013
Rojūnų dvare aviacinis sanbūris Piloto-instruktoriaus Sigito apdovanojimas Rojūnų aerodrome aviacinis sanbūris  

ALT 2013" exhibition, Vilnius 10-12th May 2013
Malunsparnis Aleksote Su-26 Aviacijos šventėje Lituanica Aleksoto aerodrome 

 Autogyro CALIDUS in Lithuania! April 2013
Skrydis malunsparniu - skraidymo mokykla  Malūnsparnis Calidus Lietuvoje

"AERO Friedrichshefen 2013" exhibition in Germany, April 2013
LAK 19FES glider Auto-Gyro Cavalon Auto-Gyro team Auto-Gyro MTO Agro 

FAI World Advanced Aerobatic Championship in Hungary, August 2012

Lithuanian aerobatic team won 3rd place in FAI World Yak-52 aerobatic championship! June 2012
Lietuvos akrobatinio skraidymo komanda Pasaulio čempionate Rusijoje Yak-52 čempionatas Maskvoje 
Championship site >>

"Iron wings 2012" Lithuanian Air Force Air Show, Siauliai Airbase, May 2012
 A.Tamošiūno nuotr.
 Šventėje  A.Tamošiūno nuotr. 

85th Anniversary of Lithuanian AEROCLUB, May 2012
Būsima lakūnė Skraidymo mokyklos malunsparnis  Lietuvos aeroklubo 85-metis, T.Vinicko nuotr. 

Aerobatic flight training camp in Belaya Cerkv, Ukraine, April 2012
Treniruočių stovykla Ukrainoje Su Ukrainos rinktinės pilotais Skrydžio aptarimas Pilotai

Amazing flights on gyrocopter MTO with floats, Sweeden -, August 2011
Malūnsparnis su plūdurais Malūnsparnis ant vandens Malūnsparnis ant vandens Malūnsparnis su plūdurais

New experience - flights on gyrocopters MTO Sport and Calidus, Sweeden, August 2011
Malūnsparnis Calidus Malūnsparnis MTO Malūnsparnių mokykla Švedijoje

On the parade of Panevezys city days 2011
Panevėžio miesto dienos   

Friendly race at the airfield beween Lamborgini and gyrocopter
Lamborginin ir malūnsparnis Pilotai 

Rumšiškės, day of sauna 2011
Malūnsparnis Rumšiškėse Pirties arbata Pirties arbata Pirties diena Rumšiškėse

"FH-DCE Super Rally 2011 Lithuania" , Klaipeda 2011 

More info >> 

"Bike show Millennium 2011", Kaunas
Saturday, June 4th, attractive event, which gets a lot of attention “Bike Show Millennium 2011, Lithuania” was taking place in Kaunas, S. Darius and S. Girėnas aerodrome.

 Flight school "The Birdman" took part in Druskininkai resort city days


From 27th to 29th of May 2011, In Druskininkai were held resort city festival. Flight school was introducing here his activity and made flights from Druskininkai airfield. 

Spring is comming

Flight training in Italy on gyrocopters Magni M-16, M-22, M-24 

Flight training in Poland on gyroplane Xenon 

Winter in Rojūnai and flights on skis 
We have developed and carefully constructed simple and reliable skis for gyroplanes and light aircrafts.
The skis are made using the latest technique in fiberglass. They have a clean aerodynamic design, are easy to attach and detach from your aircraft. Skis are tested on different snow and flight conditions.  
- Light and strong material  –  fibre glass and certified for aviation epoxy  resin;
- Fitting set included (according to your specifications);
- Weight: front ski - 4,5kg, back ski -3,6kg, total weight of set  12,5 kg;
- Length – 1200 mm,  width – 350mm;
- Shock-absorbers working up and down;
- Fast and easy fitting;
- Can be fitted and used together with wheels / without wheels;
- Front ski has additional insert, using ski without wheel on thick and light snow; 
Every sky has small wheels on the bottom part, which allows using them on the snow or grass runway and taxi on the concrete.
For more information, contact us:

Lithuanian aerobatic team took part in FAI World Advanced aerobatic championship 2010
9th FAI Advanced World Aerobatic Championships was held in Radom airfield in Poland, 5-15 of August 2010. It was the Championship with the highest numper of participants - 85 contestants from 25 countries.
Lithuanian aerobatic team was represented by pilots: Eltonas Meleckis, Donaldas Bleifertas and Aurimas Bezaras. Lithuanian team was 8th in overall team results. 

Official website >>

Flight training flights in Gran Canaria
Training school "The birdman" organized practical training courses in beautifull island of Gran Canaria. 

„China Aerobatic Challenge 2009“
This year, representive of Public Institution "The birdman" was invited to organization team of China International Airsport Fiesta for „China Aerobatic Challenge 2009“ event. 

Lithuanian aerobatic team took part in FAI European Advanced aerobatic championship 2009 

FAI European Advanced Aerobatic Championships was held in Radom (Poland), 6-16 of August 2009.In the Championship competed 46 participants.
Lithuanian aerobatic team was represented by pilots: Eltonas Meleckis (5th place in overall results), Donaldas Bleifertas (18th place) and Aurimas Bezaras. (41st place). 

2nd FAI World YAK 52 Aerobatic Championship and airshow Birdman 2009 - Lithuania, Rojūnai airfield
Organizer - Public Institution "Žmogus paukštis" (The Birdman) 

2nd FAI World Yak-52 Aerobatic Championship photo diary from Rojunai>>  
Biggest thank for Andrius Repšys! 

Winners of World Yak-52 aerobatic championship 2009:
    I - Myakishev Alexander (RUS)             II- Motiejūnaitė Onutė (LTU)         III - Dadykin Sergey (RUS)
Team winners: 
I – Russia (Myakishev Alexander, Dadykin Sergey, Suslov Oleg)
II – Lithuania (Motiejunaite Onute, Meleckis Eltonas, Bezaras Aurimas)
III – Ukraine (Tarasevich Mykola, Chernov Igor, Dovgalenko Tamara)
See Official Results >> 


Our special thanks belongs to Edmundas Ganusaukas, Asta Kaušpėdaitė, Kęstutis Poniškaitis
and Andrius Repšys for amazing Championship book. See all..

"Day of the press at the airfield 2009"
Fotos of Andrius Repšys
This year, 7th of May, team of the journalists was invited to Rojunai airfield for press-conference - "Day of press in different way" and impresive aerobatic flights with plane Yak-52TD.
"We are going!" - old cars parade in Pasvalys 
Fotos of Andrius Repšys. More pictures at >>

International Vytautas Lapėnas CUP aerobatic championship & Aviation festival "The Birdman 2008", Rojūnai airfield 

The winners of International Vytautas Lapėnas CUP aerobatic championship, 2008:
1st place winner- Onutė Motiejūnaitė (Lithuania)
2nd place winner- Eltonas Meleckis (Lithuania)
3rd  place winner- Anzelmo Gamez (Spain) 

Read more about International Vytautas Lapėnas CUP aerobatic championship >>

Read more about  Aviation festival "The Birdman 2008">>

Photo diary>> 
Aviation festival 

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